About Dedicated Servers

Also see our sections about Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting.


  • Do you require a minimum rental contract?

    No. Servers are rented on a monthly payment schedule. Keep in mind though that cancellations need to be submitted by Email or Help Desk ticket at least 30 days prior to the next billing date.

  • Are any of my payments refundable?

    No. All payments for dedicated server rentals, setup and service fees are non-refundable. A 30 day money back guarantee does NOT apply for any dedicated server payments.

  • How long does it take for a server to be set up?

    On average 3 business days. Dedicated servers need to be manually provisioned and configured by an available technician. Installation and testing of a server is accomplished in 72 hours or less in most cases.

  • Are servers available with the cPanel/WHM control panel?

    All plain RedHat systems should be upgraded to cPanel X Pro/WHM for an additional fee.

  • How many accounts am I allowed to host on a server?

    You cPanel license allows for an unlimited number of accounts to be installed.

  • Can I upgrade my server at a later time?

    Yes. Upgrades can be ordered at any time.

  • What upgrades are available?

    In most cases we are able to add Hard Drives, System Memory and Bandwidth. Processors can NOT be upgraded. If you'd need a faster CPU a server switch is required.

  • How much is charged for bandwidth overage?

    $0.95 for each 1GB.

  • Do you generate server backups for me?

    Yes. We run weekly cPanel/WHM backups, which include all of your hosting accounts and databases.

  • Will I have root access to my server?

    Yes. You will have full root access to your server through SSH if needed.

  • Will my servers be monitored and managed?

    Yes. Your server uptime is monitored at all times and we will take appropriate action if a problem is reported. We make sure your server receives system and security updates, whenever they become available.